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Understanding Individuation in Relationships: A Path to Personal Growth and Stronger Bonds

I am in charge of my OWN feelings... 

This week I've been working with clients on Individuation.

I am responsible for MY feelings.. not my partner's, or my kids', or my mother's.

Sometimes we find ourself feeling responsible for other people's emotions.

We don't want them to be angry with us, or feel sad because of something we've done that's affected them.

We downplay our own feelings or desires to make others happy.

If you find that this is something you're doing in your own life, I want to challenge you to make a list of what makes you, YOU.

I, Jennifer, am:

  1. A 40yo woman
  2. A partner to Scott
  3. Girlfriend to Steph
  4. Mother to teenage boys
  5. Dog-mom to Timmy and Sir Honeybowl
  6. Business owner
  7. Sex and Relationship and Business coach
  8. Avid reader
  9. Plant lover
  10. Yoga enthusiast

These are a couple handfuls of things that make up who I am that are unique to me as an individual.

What makes up you?

Remind yourself that you are a whole, unique human, responsible for your own emotions and passions and pleasures and curiosities.

Your partner is responsible for their emotions and reactions.

Begin to see the delineation of where you end and they begin.


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