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Podcast Ep#51: Your Inner Child Leads to Healing with Taylar Jackson

Taylar Jackson has been on the podcast before with top episode Sit Down Into It, and today we are discussing how acknowledging our inner child can bring tremendous healing.  

We have some hilarious conversations about watching How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix, Taylar's "God Portal", how she remembers dropping into this lifetime at 3 years old, and how she now takes clients to meet their inner child inside her facial sessions.  

0:31 - 1:35 I Really Like to Pee on People  

2:40 - 3:06 My God Portal  

4:26 - 5:17 I’m not Available Right Now  

9:10 - 9:44 Where am I not Taking Care of Myself  

10:15 - 11:30 Taylar’s Walk In Experience  

21:48 - 22:45 How it all ties together  

24:49 -  25:41 Seeing in layers   

30:11 - 30:58 Toy Shop   

31:54 - 32:42 Inner child channeling