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I've Baked Way Too Much During Covid

I had a total meltdown the other day.

For the first time in 6 months I met up with my trainer and got updated measurements and pictures.

I’m moving and working out more than I ever have in my ENTIRE life, but honestly – I’ve gained some weight since Covid began.

As I tried to identify the reason that tears unwillingly just wanted to spill down my cheeks, and why I felt so darn weepy this morning, here’s what I discovered:

I KNOW I could have done better.

I could have not ordered Joanna Gain’s cookbook and worked my way through the biscuits, pies, and banana pudding.

I could have stuck with my chef-made-for-me keto foods that I’ve been good sticking with since last year. But I decided to bake and comfort myself through Covid with food.

I also used the “we need to support local restaurants” excuse, and ordered out A LOT.

I was feeling shame for not being 100% on my game in every aspect of my life, although my business world, homeschooling, being a wife and momma game was on point.

…I’m still happily married.

My kids still love me, and are thrilled to have been around me so much these past 5 months.

I’m taking excellent care of my mental and physical self.

As I realized that I AM doing enough, and that none of us needs to feel that we haven’t done enough through Covid.

We’re alive. Our kids are alive.

We’re doing our dang best.

I had a mentor tell me once that all that he expected out of others was that they show up, care, and try.

That’s all we can ask of ourselves these day too. 

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