Weekly Newsletter

Lessons In Letting It All Go

Today I want to talk about loss. Because it sucks. And also because it’s part of life.

I’m a “glass half full” kinda gall almost all of the time – just ask anyone that knows me. But sometimes it’s good to just be real. To be raw. To be relatable.

So here goes.

I’m really feeling the weight of loss today. And it’s not like I haven’t felt it before.

I’ve lost 3 babies to miscarriage before finally birthing my oldest, Ian. During one of the events, I was literally sitting in Walmart’s home office in my cubicle. I started feeling horrible cramping, then went to the bathroom to find blood, and knew what had happened. I remember being in a daze as I drove to the OB-GYN, to then be sent to the hospital for yet another ultrasound, only to be told there was no heartbeat. This happened 2 additional times while I worked at Walmart.

I’ve felt loss after being fired. Was completely blindsided multiple times throughout my working life, and lost clients, co-workers that had become friends, and relationships that had taken time and care to build.

Through the ending of my first marriage I felt both death and re-birth within the very same year as I found my precious (second) husband on match.com.

Last week I felt both loss and anger from the firing of a client.

My team had grown close to them. Sales were rocking. Yet their expectations were ridiculous, and patience short.

Lastly, I recently felt deep loss after the closing of a mastermind group that I’m in where I’d come to deeply care for the members, and felt that I could bare my soul, both professionally and personally, in their presence.


Life is filled with loss. Of people. Of things. Of dreams.

Here are a few ways I’ve learned to cope with the feeling of loss:

1. Tell somebody

2. Write it down (like I am in this blog!)

3. Get angry, and workout until you don’t have anything left (did this last week with my trainer)

4. Have a good cry

5. Trust that whatever has been lost has only been done so to make room for more.

The 3 Best Takeaways:

  • Tell someone else when you’re feeling sad, depressed, or lonely.
  • Speak out how you feel. It’s therapeutic!
  • Take it to the gym. Nothing fixes hurt or mad like a super hard workout.