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Life Alchemy: Creating The Life of Your Dreams

I’ve always been good at creating things. In the “woo world” we call this “manifesting”.

It’s incredibly important that we get SUPER clear about what we want to manifest, or we can bring about what we DON'T want.

I’ll tell you my story in a few minutes.

I want you to know I grew up the oldest of 7 kids, all but 1 from different marriages. I was the RESPONSIBLE first child. I took on the responsibility of paying for my own things like gas an insurance, had multiple jobs in high school, and carted all my siblings around, and never wanted to disappoint my parents. 

I carried that overachiever personality with me into adulthood and got 2 degrees and had 2 babies while working for the world’s largest retailer, and managing a $300M P&L for my category.

I know how to work myself sick.

When I left Walmart I went to work for a supplier, then a few years later started my own brokerage firm. I was so broke those first few years that I was on food stamps, and had no idea how I’d buy milk for my family without them.

To bring in additional income, I took on contractor jobs in business development roles. I started a marketing company with 2 other partners.

I was REALLY good at attracting the same archetype that refused to pay me, no matter how hard I worked. 

I hired a business coach at $5,000/mo that helped me grow by firm to half a million a year, and 7 full time team members, and 70 clients and I’d never been more broke, and more unhappy in my life.

I joined Marcela McBride's 8 week program when I’d “reached my peak” of “success” and she helped me identify that I’d been leading my business through the masculine, strengthen my feminine and my intuition, and we started the process of re-built my business.

I decided to join the 9 month program and had no idea how I’d pay for it, but I trusted that the universe would show up for me and my sacred yes.

I learned to actually feel my body again.

I gained REAL friendships with women, something I’d never been able to do before.

And I learned to run a business with FUN, and JOY, and rest, and personal care.

I rebuilt it with women and moms that wanted to work from home, and be there to pick their kids up from carline. That wanted to take their kids to the park in the middle of the day. That wanted to paid their worth. 

So what is “life alchemy”? It’s taking something and turning it into something else. Something beautiful. Something easy. Something prosperous.

It’s bringing in so much financial abundance that you don’t ever have to worry about money.

It’s creating so much ease in your business that it literally runs itself while you pick your kids up from school, or go see a movie, or get a massage. Or lay in your hammock all day long reading steamy romance novels.

And it all starts out with taking the first step with inspired action.

Take Action:

  1. Write down 2-3 things you want to transform in your life
  2. Now pick 1 to take action on
  3. Now write down the first step you need to take to make that a reality 
  4. Do the dang thing!
  5. If possible, put it on your calendar