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Manifest Memorable Family Trips From a Place of Abundance

I'd like to share a real life example of how I manifest awesome family trips from a place of abundance . My kiddos (the oldest 10 year old especially) wanted to visit New York.

A few months before Christmas in 2019 he really started talking about it and asking when we could go. Because my kids don’t need more stuff, I started shifting my perspective about Christmas gifts, and instead began researching the different ways and costs to get the whole family to NYC for their Christmas present.

I was blown away that a round trip flight was $250/per person! So I snatched up tickets for $1,000. Then I started looking for affordable-yet-comfy-yet-close-to-Times-Square lodging. WALA! Using Booking.com I could reserve the hotel and not have to pay until I arrived, giving me 4 months to save up. Then I thought about what we’d do.

The Statue of Liberty was high on my list, and tickets were super affordable. I knew this would be one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences they’d never forget. I shot a quick note to my husband’s aunt because I knew she liked to give cool Christmas gifts that would be memorable, and she agreed to buy the tickets for all of us for Christmas.

The very last experience was something my husband had dreamed about for years - visiting NBC Studios. He purchased those tickets on his own for all of us to go, and we loved getting to see Jimmy Fallon and SNL’s studios on the tour. It was another event we’ll remember forever.


  • Allow your family to dream BIG and put their dreams up somewhere everyone can see.
  • Take action on these dreams by booking or saving.
  • Through action, these dreams will become a reality.