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Our New Marketing Services!

Y'all this is what my face looks like when I launch something new for my business, Growth Spurt Sales and Marketing(yeah, buddy!!)

I've heard so many times over the past few years "Can you help me with marketing?", "Can you create an influencer network for me?", "I need help with social media".

I've had to turn people away. My referral partners closed up shop. I had literally no one to recommend that I knew my clients would be able to afford.

So I put together an amazing team of REALLY smart and talented people to create these solutions for you.

Same solutions-driven, fast-paced, quick-to-answer-you Growth Spurt mentality.

Done affordably!

Marketing packages start at just $1,200!

Let's break down some of this new fun! 👇 

1. TikTok

It's like Ariel said in the The Little Mermaid, "I wanna go, where the people are"..

Y'all, TikTok isn't going anywhere, and if you have young folks living in your house you know that they watch it for HOURS. My boys (10 & 13) will giggle and laugh before school watching funny videos (while I give them the side eye and say "LANGUAGE!!" when cussin' happens 😂) .

And now with in app purchasing, it's something you've really got to seriously consider for your business.


Over 80 million monthly active users are on TikTok, and 84% are between 16 - 44.

I'm going to make a big assumption here that this covers your target audience.... right?

So, just like me, take some deep breaths and ease into the feeling of embracing this platform, and figuring out how to integrate it into your business. 🧘‍♀️ 

Watch our Director of Marketing's latest TikTok Video!

Pricing starts at $200/video.

I'd recommend starting with 1 video per week. This would be great for recipe creation or some sort of value-add to give your viewers that will engage them, and get them following you.

Influencer Marketing

Humans want to buy things recommend to them. I'm currently wearing the exact same shade of Mac lipstick I saw Joanna Gaines talk about in her summer Magnolia Journal magazine. 

In fact, 45.5% of micro influencer followers said that they’ve tried something an influencer has recommended.

We do this with influential people with smaller audiences, too! I follow so many women owned businesses and love to purchase things they recommend.

Amazon does an AMAZING job with influencer marketing on Facebook and Instagram. They take these beautifully created lifestyle shots from influencers who have created their own 

Here is an example of an influencer storefront on Amazon.


Collaborating with micro-influencers has been shown to produce higher engagement rates than their celebrity counterparts, and that's the metric you need to consider when your goal is to have the most influence and impact.

We believe in custom curation of your influencers, so they are perfectly aligned.

Pricing starts at $5K for a quarter of:

5 Micro Influencer(3-10k followers)

-$100 free product

-1 post & 1 story per influencer per month (15 post/15 stories total)

I recommend running quarterly influencer programs, and rotating them in and out each quarter so you get fresh followers.



Beautiful, engaging photos are your handshake to your potential shopper. I've seen some REALLY TERRIBLE photography and instantly left a website or item page. And I've seen some really incredible photography that made me want to buy everything they had. 

The most frustrating thing I see online these days are not having real life models when I'm buying something that's going on my body. This morning I was on Amazon shopping, saw a cool necklace, and there were 4 pictures of the necklace but none on an actual human. WTF? I want to see how it will lay on my neck. Show it to me with some outfit inspiration! Maybe several different ways to dress it up or down. Multi-use/purpose is a much easier "yes" of a sale.

Make it easy for the shopper to say "yes"! Don't frustrate them.

Pricing starts at $200

I recommend taking your top 5-10 items, and doing our Amazon package. Then use what we create for you everywhere (website, social channels, item pages, etc.). $500 - $999.


As you can see, each of these services are affordable, and can add tons of value to your follower and shopper experience.

I always remind my clients that we all want more sales, but you have to think of the sales process as a dating experience.

NEVER directly ask for the sale at the beginning. 

That's like asking for marriage the very first time you set eyes on each other. 

Talk about what it is you have for them, and how it will make their life better. Show value 4 times more than asking them to buy. Recipes, tips, ticks, inspiration. 

Make them fall in love with you. The kind of infatuation where they want to connect on all of your social channels and tell you how adorable those freckles are. Make them want to be a part of your world.

Then, and only then, remind them where they can find that adorable rug, or necklace, or banana nut bread.

Need help with marketing or advertising? Check our services out here > https://www.jenniferkayloruscin.com/work-with-me-jennifer-ruscin