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Open Relationships 101

open relationships and sex with tony hatch and cristina lopez

Way back at the beginning of time, over the millions of years that we have been humans, we have seen different kinds of relationships emerge, different kinds of societies take place.

We're currently in a very patriarchal society that considers relationships to be ownership and property.

In my podcast with Taylar Jackson she says this and it made me stop. She’s right.

  • Women take their husband’s last names.
  • Some societies still give a dowry to the new husband’s family so he’ll marry their daughter.
  • Depending on if you live in an equal right’s state or not, what you own during your marriage is partially owned now by your spouse.
  • We give tax discounts from the government encouraging us to legally tie ourselves together.
  • We are expected to be completely faithful to our partners “until death do us part” (isn’t that also ownership?).

2,000 - 3,000 years ago, women ran societies (check out early Egypt & a current matriarchal society in China).

We also had tribes where multiple men would contribute to impregnate a woman (check out collective fatherhood) and in doing so, were raised by the whole community.

Today's topic of conversation is about open relationships.

We discuss what living in an open relationship might look like, and what different types of open relationships there are.

I had my bestest friends, Tony hatch, and Christina Lopez. They are in partnership, engaged to each other, have had a long 8+ year commitment in beautiful relationship together, and have practiced long-term polyamory from the jump.

🎙 Today's podcast is NOT kiddo-friendly, so please pop in those AirPods. 😃 

Listen HERE: https://anchor.fm/jennifer-ruscin/episodes/Open-Relationships-101-e1hdbrf