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Soaring Gas Prices Means More Walmart Shoppers


As gas and commodity prices skyrocket, shoppers flock to Walmart.

Walmart has built a promise on EDLP, Everyday Low Price, and this is where they shine.

If Walmart isn't part of your sales strategy, now might be the time to make it be so.

When the economy tanks, where can shoppers go to squeeze every dollar and get the most bang for their buck? Walmart.

My food clients are seeing 25%+ increases in sales. 

Shoppers are working from home again, and definitely watching their eating our habits, bringing their inner chef back out in the kitchen.

If you are in the food or commodity space, this is your time.

Here are 5 ways to grow sales and long term shopper acquisition right now:

1. Get on Walmart.com if you're not already in Walmart. Start doing business with this retailer. And make your end game be in store sales.

2. Don't go out of stock. Look for areas of weakness in your supply chain. Do you need more farmers? Faster processing/manufacturing time? Need to produce here in the US? Need a faster way through customs/the port? Make those adjustments right now. And then make a few back-ups too just to be safe.

3. Get scrappy, figure out where your customer is, and go directly to them. Nike has pulled out of all retailers, including Amazon, and is selling D2C, or Direct to Consumer, off of their website. It's working. Figure out where your shopper is and bring them into your world, not someone else's website. This is your long term plan, but start building it now.

4. Learn to talk to and interact with your shopper. They're scared and need reassurance. They need quick and easy recipes now that they're cooking back at home again. Provide inspiration. Provide connection. Provide hope.

5. Don't be afraid of a multi-pronged sales platform strategy. Not selling on Walmart.com or in Walmart stores today? What about social media on-platform selling? Have you developed a communication strategy to speak with your shoppers on the regular so they keep coming back over and over and over? If not, now is the time to start. Email marketing is extremely effective and needs to be part of your sales strategy. 

If this feels overwhelming or you want some coaching to create a game plan for your shoppers, schedule some time to chat with me!