Weekly Newsletter

When Your Team Literally Loves Each Other

The neat thing about outsourcing your team is that everyone willingly shows up, bringing their skills to the table.

There is an understanding that work will get done when the contractor is ready.

As their employer, it's really important to be super flexible, and create a fun work environment. The team must feel and know they are valued.

Last week my team lead Ashlee and I went out to breakfast and talked about work, kids, husbands, and creating a fall event that everyone could meet up at if they wanted to.

My team actually wants to hang together. To show up and support our clients with their unique skill sets.

I had a contractor ask for a $10/hr raise, and instead of shooting down his request, we worked together to create a plan that got him to 100% accuracy so that I could have more capacity to bring on another client to cover his raise, and I didn't have to spend extra time checking his work.

The other day I was on a call with a few team members and as we signed on I heard "Hello friend!". And as I was signing off, I heard "Love y'all".

I am so grateful for a team that loves each other, cares about each other, and pours the same love and attention on our clients.

Tell me about your team and what you're doing to keep retention and happiness high!