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The Boudoir Photoshoot That Changed my Life

Over the past decade I chose a safe relationship that allowed me to be in a place of healing, and step into the goddess... the priestess... the creatrix that I am today.

I birthed multiple business.

Created millions of dollars in revenue.

Invested in myself.

Traveled and went to conferences.

Did therapy.

Opened my marriage.

We realized we wanted different things and lovingly uncoupled (divorced) earlier this year.

My photographer reached out to me and said "Jen.... we need a new photo shoot to celebrate the woman you've stepped into. Let's do a boudoir shoot!"

I was completely freaked out!

Did a lot of processing. Letting go of limiting beliefs.

And that photo shoot opened up a whole new door for me.

I was able to see myself through a different lense.

Jennifer as a s*xual being.

I'd felt it inside of me, but never actually seen her.

Until the shoot.

This current version of me is unapologetically unafraid to be herself.

To ask for what she wants.

What she desires.

What she craves.

To experience unlimited amounts of pleasure & gourmet s*x.

And to share her experiences and learnings with others.

My friends joke that every conversation with me somehow ends up on the topic of s*x.

I came into this world a super s*xual being, and remember past lives of dancing and healing in ancient temples.

There is so much healing in s*x.

It's our life force of creation - of tiny humans yes... and also all that we want to create in this lifetime.

It's the turn on that makes us literally want to jump out of bed in the morning.... if we're doing it right 😉.

I'm starting a s*x coaching program this fall and can't wait to see what unfolds next...!

Here are a few pics from the shoot and I dare YOU to do one too! 💕 

(I just keep telling myself it's like being in a swimsuit 🩱 No biggie 😂 )