Weekly Newsletter

The Next Version of Me

Today I was sitting in my therapist's office and at the end of the session, we were both reflecting on how far I've come in just 1 year.
Last year at this time:
> A veil had fallen and I was seeing for the first time how lackluster my sex life was
> I was feeling desperate to create something. Anything. Build a new house. Or maybe a pool. ANYTHING.
> I found a therapist that specializes in poly / open marriages and was friendly to alternative lifestyles. My area is entrenched in Bible-thumping therapists, and I knew I didn't want anyone associated with a church. I wanted zero judgement. I wanted a safe space.
> I went into our first session knowing that I needed help telling my then-husband that I desired more from him sexually and communication-wise.
> > > Fast forward 1 year later and I'm divorced, had a beautiful uncoupling with my now ex-husband, my kiddos still ask to hang with him, they absolutely adore my now-partner, and he's moving in with us this month.
Ya'll... NOTHING could have prepared me for my current reality.
...Except for me. I created all of this.
> And all the work I did in therapy.
> And time spent manifesting (visualizing, talking about, meditating on) the next guy I desired.
> And all the communication I had with my closest friends about what I dreamed of, and how I wanted to live my life.
That's what made this completely different life birth into existence. 
I was listening to a Rachel Hollis podcast today and she said:
“The life you are living today is a direct results of the thoughts that you had 6 weeks ago, 6 months ago, 6 years ago.”
We are constantly creating the next version of us.
In my upcoming blog posts, I'll go into more detail about the steps I took to manifest my dream guy.