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How to Send Traffic from Google Ads to Your Amazon Products


Today I’m talking with Tomer David from Sourcing Monster about How to Send Traffic from Google Ads to Your Amazon Products

But first, let me properly introduce him!

Tomer is the owner of 2 Amazon FBA brands and holds 14 years of e-commerce experience.

His online passion started when he began programming at age 12.  By age 14, he opened his 1st online business, which was a hosting company. At 16, Tomer left school to pursue his dreams full time by working at a startup company in e-commerce & marketing.

In addition to Tomer’s success on Amazon, he also teaches other AMZ sellers how to succeed through his website and Youtube channel Sourcing Monster, where he share videos about sourcing products from China and running successful online businesses.

I’m really interested in today’s topic of How to Send Traffic from Google Ads to Your Amazon Products, and lots of clients have been asking for my expertise on this subject. But my team really focuses on marketing ON AMZ, not off, so let’s dig in!

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