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Try Something New

πŸ₯³I did something REALLY BIG last weekend that I’d never ever done in my 36yo life.πŸ₯³

Well, 2 things I’d never done

No, 3 things I’d never done. Maybe it was 4 πŸ€·πŸ»‍♀️(I’ve stopped counting)

Let me break them down in order to fully stop and appreciate what a big deal last weekend was. 

[Backstory]: Life With the Husband(s):

I turned 19, met my 10-year-older-than-me husband #1, then spent the next 10 years of my life with him.

He’s already done All.The.Things., and being my super mature self didn’t think that I needed to experience what normal 20-somethings experience.

He was the second person I’d ever dated. I hadn’t drank alcohol until I met him. I’d never been to a party.

Fast forward to 6 years ago and literally just 90 days out of leaving hubby #1, I meet and fall in love with Derek (hubby #2). This time I at least dated a few other humans (and learned how fun it could be!), but dived into another 6 years of pretty much isolation and the life of just us 2 + the 2 humans I created.

He’d already sowed his wild oats as an 11-year bachelor, so he was done going out and partying.

[Backstory]: My Friendless Adult Life

As an adult, I’d told people I didn’t “get” women, they were catty and I didn’t want any part in drama.

I isolated myself with both husbands + my kids because it was more comfortable than sharing my life with other people, and taking the time and energy to make real friends.

Until… I met up with a group of strangers at a Hawaiian retreat and met my mentor, Marcela Ashburn McBride. Through Marcela I’ve made tons of friends with other like minded women (& men along the way too), and I’ve learned to trust my intuition about who to let into my life.

Ya’ll, for Valentine’s Day I received in the mail a mix-tape-CD from one of my referral-partners-turned-BFF guy friend!

Ok back to last weekend.

Tony the Trainer + Anna + me went to a drag show + danced in a club for HOURS + my new BFF Anna actually spent the night in my guest room.

Y’all none of these 3 things has never happened in my entire life EVER BEFORE!! I am 36! What in the world?!?

I rocked that dance floor (as did Anna) and channeled my inner goddess vibes. I didn’t give a crap about how I looked, but felt every song deep in my soul.

So, what did I learn last weekend that might relate to your own life?

πŸ₯³Stop taking life so freaking seriously. 

I’m the queen of being serious. As a firstborn (with 6 other siblings!), a business I’ve created from scratch, 2 kids, etc. I can be way too serious. It’s not good for my health or wellbeing to not stop to enjoy this amazing life I’ve created.

Maybe you need to have a little fun too.

πŸ‘­Friends are really important.

I’ve used the excuse that “women are catty” for far too many years as a protective mechanism to seclude myself from other women.

When I took the time to find like minded people (and started saying “yes” to adventures like Hawaii and stopped saying I couldn’t afford it) I realized that women are loyal, fun, and that men just couldn’t replace their energy, intuition, or guidance.

πŸ’ƒπŸ»Trying something new / outside my comfort zone

Now that I can cross these new adventures off of my list, I cannot WAIT until I’m ziplining in Costa Rica in April, discovering Puerto Rico with my whole extended family next summer, or exploring Ireland in 2022 with my hubby.

My new mantra:

“I’m open to having brand new experiences and make new friends and love bigger than I’ve ever lived before!” 

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