Weekly Newsletter

Up-Level Your Company's Vibe to Increase Sales!

It's so much fun to get to be a part of launching new brands to market, or helping them with a brand refresh.

We got to start from the very foundational basics with a new client recently - creating a Brand Guide.

Brand Guides ensure that your company remains consistent across all platforms - social media, website, email marketing, etc.

Once you've established how your brand will look, feel, and vibe, the you can go to your website to apply the new colors, fonts, and images.

I've just started building out the website for this client, and it still needs some tweaking visually, but the bones are coming together nicely!

Next, roll it out to your email marketing.

Here is an email template I built out last week to welcome new shoppers to my client's brand.



Do you feel the consistency building across each platform?

The same pink dress. Just a different shot. The same images used throughout. The same color schemes. Same vibe.

Then take it to social media (they haven't gotten this far yet - we're still building out the foundation).


Need some help building out a consistent look and feel for your brand too?

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