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What's Your Workout Archetype?

Do you run the same way you go through life?

Let me explain.

This weekend my husband and I went out in our neighborhood to get some exercise.

I’ve been training for my first 5K, so I knew that I’d need to get at least 2 miles in today, beating yesterday’s run, and working on my speed at the same time.

My husband just wanted to get in 2 miles as comfortably as possible.

I grabbed my airpods, a hat to keep my hair off my face, my Nike water belt holder, and I was READY to attack this next run.

We started off together, me fiddling with my stupid Nike Run Club app (which is maddening by the way) trying to find the area that has all of the run options.

I find success with the app and begin an interval run that I know will get me the speed build I need + the 2 miles I also must accomplish.

He takes a left to meander through the neighborhood, and I head full-run to the straight sidewalk treeline to bust these intervals out.

I go fast and hard.

He goes slow and steady.

On my run back to the house all of a sudden it hits me that we exercise EXACTLY like our personalities!

How funny!

So I’m wondering if you also run / walk / hike / swim / etc. in the same manner that you go through life.

Are you a meandering, windy, take it all in kinda person?

Or do you end up in a heap at the finish line because you’ve given it your all, beat your previous record, and are ready for a hot salt bath or grab a foam roller to work those kinks out that you just gave yourself?

Fast or slow, either way the job gets done.

Same applies to both life and business.

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