Weekly Newsletter

Who are you again??!!??

The last few emails I've gotten a few "what is it you do" or "what do you sell" kinds of questions.

So let me stop and introduce myself if you don't actually know who the heck I am, but somehow I ended up in your inbox (that should never happen BTW - you've either connected with my on LinkedIn or signed up for something I've offered).

1. I'm Jennifer. A late-30's mom, wife, CEO and business owner. I help companies sell into Walmart and Amazon. I've made millions over the years making my clients make even more millions and millions and millions... :).

Creating successful business is my life's passion and comes easily to me, which spills over to my client's businesses too.

It's a win/win for everyone!

2. My team are like my cubs, and I'm the momma bear. They are freaking amazing and I'm so honored to have them in my life. I'm also fiercely loyal, protective, and take great care of them.

3. My boys (Ian and Kai) are so gently, kind, and loving. I'm the world's luckiest momma. Watching them grow up is so much fun.

4. After 8 years, my husband still lights my fire. I am so happy to be married to Derek (check out our podcast - it's hilarious and very telling of our relationship!). He's so grounding for me, when I tend to fly high, expending lots of energy.