Weekly Newsletter

It's Moving Week!

When I make a decision to do something... anything... I'm all in.

My boyfriend Scott and I had a conversation at the end of February that we both wanted to try a monogamous relationship, so I headed to Costa Rica and allowed that trip to be a bridge from my open relationship life to closing that down to try out partnership with just him + me.

With kindness and compassion I shut down all of my other relationships and looked forward to coming back from my trip a 1-guy woman again.

Y'all - having relationships with multiple humans takes a lot of energy. It was a blast and I don't regret a moment of it, but it definitely takes a lot of capacity-expansion to be able to hold all of that.

Our new level of commitment catapulted our relationship forward, and deepened our feelings for each other. 

My boys had already known Scott for several months, and seeing him much more often also bloomed a beautiful relationship between the three of them, too.

After spending Spring Break together it was clear to me that this was a great fit for all of us. Being all together was so easy. Everyone got along well, and it felt like we'd been doing it for years.

I spent the next few weeks tossing the idea of asking Scott to move in with us with my therapist, my best friends, and the boys' dad. 

The external green lights of approval solidified my resolve and allowed me to feel 100% comfortable moving forward with merging my little family with him.

At 5 months into our relationship, we are joining our homes and humans to do life together.

The other day I was in bed with Scott, arms and legs all intertwined, and I said "I cannot imagine life getting any better than this".


I want to stop here in the story to tell you how I live life, and what's worked for me so far.

1. I believe the Universe drops perfectly aligned people, partners, clients, etc. in my lap.

I don't spend a ton of energy questioning it. I don't over analyze it. I don't date 200 people looking for the perfect "one".

Nope. Don't need to.

Because I always get exactly what I want. I get exactly what supports me. 

I have made millions of dollars + had supportive, wonderful relationships with this mindset.

I am surrounded by abundance. It's literally overflowing. 

Stop questing every damn thing. 

2. I say "yes" to what FEELS in alignment.

Let's stick with this topic of dating and finding a partner. 

When I was on Tinder and open to new relationships I would feel into the humans that came up on  my screen.

I'd swipe right on those that felt right. 

I didn't have 1 creeper. Every single human I dated was exceptional.

*Side note: Don't know what "right" feels like? Take some time to learn how to strengthen this muscle.

3. Take Action

Life is so dang short. 

Say "yes" to happiness.

Say "yes" to love.

Move forward and make a decision to propel your life into action.