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Open Relationships Part II

Back in April I brought my friends Tony & Cristina on my podcast and we recorded Open Relationships 101.

It turned out to be my most listened to podcast, ever, and I've created about 100 podcasts over the last few years.

They're back for a Part II!

Today's conversation is focused on how to have that difficult conversation with your partner about opening up + tactical ways to start the opening up process.

Other fun topics:

  • Don’t add another human to fix the relationship
  • What's / Who's meant for you will always come back
  • Stop "Sitting in Stuck"
  • The 4 steps to alignment with your partner before opening your relationship
  • "Rules"
  • Easy partnerships
  • Plus a fun Q&A lightning round at the end

Resources / References:

Blueprints Podcast (created by Jaiya & Ian from Jaiya Inc.)

Tinder Podcast with my partner Scott

STI / STD Testing Frequency Podcast




This podcast was recorded with live video - watch on Spotify!