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Walmart Open Call Success + 4 Tips for Approaching Walmart stores to Get a "yes" and Placement on Shelf.

Last fall I coached 2 brands before they met with Walmart buyers for Open Call (formerly called the Made in USA Summit).

BOTH companies got into Walmart stores!

One of them just hit select stores in Florida.

Here are 4 tips for approaching Walmart stores to get a "yes" and placement on shelf.

1.  Get help!

Walmart buyers expect you to know EVERYTHING about doing business with Walmart.

2. Practice

I "play buyer" when I'm prepping clients to ensure they're 100% ready. And I'm hard! I ask them every question I've ever been asked in a buyer meeting so they can work out all of their jitters, and so they can figure out the ones they don't have answers to.

3. Get creative!

Now that meetings have gone virtual, you can literally do ANYTHING!

Sell wine? Show up in the vineyard during your meeting so the buyer can see your grapes.

Show off your manufacturing plant's new piece of equipment. 

Share screen and give examples of new packaging available.

4. Get a professional to set up your vendor account, listings, EDI setup, ship points, push through insurance requirements and track your initial PO's. 

This is the really tricky stuff that will get you kicked out of Walmart before you even begin if you don't get it perfect.


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