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#56: Sexcapades with Tony Hatch & Cristina Lopez

Y'all asked for more of Tony and Cristina so here you go!

An episode all about their + my Sexcapades.

Topics covered:

  • Fantasies Come True
  • Weirdest Situations
  • Newbie Mistakes
  • Kinkiest Story
  • First Sex Party
  • Most Grateful For
  • Our Wish Lists

Tony & Cris has the top #1 and #2 episodes on my...

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The Making of Brandi

Last Tuesday I arranged for my partner Scott and I to meet at a hotel.

I was Brandi, an Escort. My partner made up the persona of Travis, a lonely widow.

I arrived at the hotel early to shower, dress, and then met him at the bar downstairs.

Y'all... I was so freaking nervous. I never dress like...

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#55: Swinging 101 with Jo Leavitt

Today on the podcast I have Jo Leavitt, podcast host of The Confident Swinger, she is a coach leading others into the Lifestyle. 

Eternally optimistic, Jo is a wife and mom and loves leading others into the world of swinging.

We cover:

  • 0:55 - 1:50 Jo’s Dive into Swinging
  • 6:10 -...
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#54: Perspectives on Life from my 97yo Grandmother Therese Grossman

I’ve been interviewing my 97yo grandmother over the past several years each time I visit her in Savannah.

Therese Grossman was born May 6th, 2025 in Savannah, GA.

Recently she has started having dementia, which is normal in someone her age. The brain starts to fade as the body begins to...

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#53: BDSM 101 From Submissive Cashelle Kali

Today is all about introducing the topic of BDSM, specifically D/s (Dominance and Submission) to my audience.

What is a submissive?

Why would someone want to be in a D/s relationship?

Pros and Cons.

1:46 - 1:43 Cashelle’s Journey Into BDSM

5:53 - 6:50 Jen’s “Because”...

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#52: Why Are We Here? with Claudia Marrero

Claudia Marrero went from agnostic to seeing auras. 

She joins us on today's podcast where we dive into Why Are We Here?

Claudia is a super left-brained BioMedical Electrical Engineer turned health and life coach, channeler, Course in Miracles instructor, and Reiki Master Teacher bringing...

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Abundant Sisterhood Retreat

I've just come back from a naked Sisterhood event in the woods.

(This was Goddess Feast night)

Frolicking in the woods like a damn fairy. It was glorious.

As a business owner and retreat facilitator, I had so many learnings and downloads from the event that I'd love to share with you.


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Choose Another Adventure - Testimonial

I have had so much joy working with M.

When he came to me, he'd been in a 25 year marriage that was stuck and he was miserable.

He'd listened to my podcast Ep#42: Open Relationships 101, and was curious about what opening up his marriage might look like.

Could he actually be s*xually and...

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Adults Misbehaving: Inner Child Wisdom

We all are affected by the things we learned or picked up as children.

Sometimes it ruins our partnerships.

Other times, it holds us back from success.

Or being a great leader. Or friend. Or parent. Or partner.

In the past year I've spent a LOT of time (bi-weekly) with Taylar to connect with, and...

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Podcast Ep#51: Your Inner Child Leads to Healing with Taylar Jackson

Taylar Jackson has been on the podcast before with top episode Sit Down Into It, and today we are discussing how acknowledging our inner child can bring tremendous healing.  

We have some hilarious conversations about watching How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix, Taylar's "God...

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50% of the World Is Living in an Open Relationship: Jessica Esfandiary

Today on the podcast I have Jessica Esfandiary, podcast host of Open Late, she also leads, retreats, sound bowl meditations and events, and she has a mentorship program called “Awaken your Inner Healer”.

Jessica lives in LA with her husband and her partner Lauren.

Today we discuss her...

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Conscious Communicationing the HELL Out of My Relationship

(This is me bringing some Fall Fair energy into this crazy roller coaster ride that conscious relationshipping is!)

Tonight I wanted to share our latest relationship win.

We are conscious communicationing the HELL out of our relationship.

I've been sharing my open relationship story for the past...

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