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The Next Version of Me
Today I was sitting in my therapist's office and at the end of the session, we were both reflecting on how far I've come in just 1 year.
Last year at this time:
> A veil had fallen and I was seeing for the first time how lackluster my sex life was
> I...
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Sit Down Into It

NOTE: This podcast is not kid-friendly and we talk about s*x, and mention the word p*ssy a few times... Grab those earbuds!

Welcome to this really special podcast my esthetician Taylar Townzen and I recorded about how to "sit down into" who we are in order to feel the feelings and move forward in...

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Soaring Gas Prices Means More Walmart Shoppers


As gas and commodity prices skyrocket, shoppers flock to Walmart.

Walmart has built a promise on EDLP, Everyday Low Price, and this is where they shine.

If Walmart isn't part of your sales strategy, now might be the time to make it be so.

When the economy tanks, where can shoppers go to...

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The Universe Drops Perfectly Aligned People into our Lives

The Universe drops perfectly aligned humans directly into my life.

I see evidence of it EVERYWHERE.

> I’ve never had to put up a “We’re Hiring” sign, but have hired over 20+ team members over the years.

> My clients are happy and their sales growing. They pay my on time...

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Burning Sh*t Up

Let’s talk about burning shit up, like this volcano in Costa Rica.

Burnin’ Up My Business:

When I think about my business and all of the iterations of me I’ve had to kill off to become the CEO I am today, there are a pile of Jennifer’s on the ground behind me.

The me that:...

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Product Photography

Product photography is our latest love at Growth Spurt Sales & Marketing!

Tell us your branding guidelines and we can make your product photography dreams come true.

This image was taken at my house by the lovely Cristina @wildflower.adventures, our in-house photographer.

Interested in...

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There is a Different way to do Life

“There is another way of looking at the world. (ACIM, W-33)” - A Course in Miracles

This weekend my boyfriend met my boys’ dad for the first time over coffee.

My ex wanted to make sure he wasn’t an ax murderer, and would take great care of our boys when they were in his...

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Seasons of Life

Costa Rica truly was a rejuvenating experience at a pivotal time in my life.

My husband had moved out just 72 hours before I got on the plane.

This trip became the bridge between my second chapter of my adult life and the third.

Chapter 1: My 20’s

I met my first husband, had 2 kids, got 2...

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Sometimes What's Best Still F*ing Hurts like Hell

Today I checked in with my about-to-be ex-husband. At my youngest's request, he came over and hung out with the kids and I for the first time since he moved out.

It was awkward. 

It was healing.

It was necessary.

I also didn't have an agenda (despite really wanting to try to direct the...

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Last week in Costa Rica, I zip lined 😮

Last week in Costa Rica, I zip lined

S E V E N platforms

I’ve never felt so terrified in my life

It was amazing

For 2 hours I shook

Hooked on to the next platform, lifted my legs off the ledge, & did it again

And again

And again

And again

And again

And again

And again

It never got...

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Don't Let My Smile Fool Ya - Move Out Week Was Hard

I've held it together pretty dang well through move out week... until I had a phone call with my mom last night.

8 years of a person's life is a long time to intertwined lives.

I told my mom that it felt like a piece of my heart was just down the road. 

The house feels empty without him...

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Major Life Update: I'm Getting Divorced

H-E-L-L-O 2022!

Ok, I'm sure you're all wondering... WTF is this big life update?

Well, almost a year ago I had this veil lift from my eyes, and I realized that I wanted more for my marriage. 

I live arms-wide-open and fully cannonball into the deep end of life in every other aspect of...

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