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Step 6: Marketing Tips So Your Ideal Client Can Find You While You Grow

Step #6: Marketing tips so your ICA can find you while you grow 

This means run AMS ads on Amazon. Add Enhanced Brand Content to add shopper confidence in the purchase of your product. Build out a Storefront so you can dump shoppers in to your brand experience inside of Amazon.

On Walmart.com use Walmart Media Group to drive shoppers already on site to your item pages.

Use social media marketing to drive shoppers to both of these platforms for purchase.

I have more marketing tactics in my online courses and include service providers so you can easily locate companies to help you win on Amazon and in Walmart.

Get quality brand photos of your product!

 Tell me, which of the cakes below look more attractive to you?
What a difference professional photographs make! ⠀
My favorite way to do this for my clients is to hire a blogger that is multi-talented in:⠀
1. Content creation
2. Recipe creation (if you have a food item)
3. Photographer
This way you’re getting lots of bang for your buck.
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