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Step 3: Get Approval to Sell Into Your Ideal Retailer

Step #3: Get Approval to Sell Into Your Ideal Retailer

Royale Linens was rocking and rolling on Walmart.com but their Amazon account was barely moving.

They hired me to increase sales and create a million dollar account for them. Not only did we open up Seller Central but created MASSIVE sales on their Vendor listing too.

Mission accomplished with the help of a little unicorn magic. 

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What is Discretionary Income?

Did you know there’s an online platform with TONS of shoppers with discretionary income? Shoppers just waiting to buy your product. :)⠀
82% of Amazon’s Prime Members make over $112,000/year.⠀
How might this help grow your business? Well, the normal brick-and-mortar pricing model gets thrown out the window online, especially Amazon. ⠀
Amazon shoppers are willing to spend MORE for the convenience of free 2-day shipping and subscription offerings. (Hello face masks, toilet paper and your favorite mascara!).