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Step 3: Get Approval to Sell Into Your Ideal Retailer

Step #3: Get Approval to Sell Into Your Ideal Retailer

Royale Linens was rocking and rolling on but their Amazon account was barely moving.

They hired me to increase sales and create a million dollar account for them. Not only did we open up Seller Central but created MASSIVE sales on their Vendor listing too.

Mission accomplished with the help of a little unicorn magic. 

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What is Discretionary Income?

Did you know there’s an online platform with TONS of shoppers with discretionary income? Shoppers just waiting to buy your product. :)⠀
82% of Amazon’s Prime Members make over $112,000/year.⠀
How might this help grow your business? Well, the normal brick-and-mortar pricing model gets thrown out the window online, especially Amazon. ⠀
Amazon shoppers are willing to spend MORE for the convenience of free 2-day shipping and subscription offerings. (Hello face masks, toilet paper and your favorite mascara!).