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Step 5: Optimize Items So Your ICA Can Find You

Step #5: Optimize Items So Your ICA Can Find You

Every e-commerce platform is different so understanding how to optimize each one specifically is super important.

On Amazon for example there are so many opportunities to market your product. Beautiful storefronts and Enhanced Brand Content allow you to share your branding and attract your ideal shopper.

Through Walmart.com, while there is no Storefront there is the ability to add imagery to the item pages.

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10 Ways to Scale Bigger on Amazon

1. Fully optimize your listings with 9 images

2. Add sales converting keywords to the titles, bullets, and back end.

3. Get Brand Registry

4. Add video

5. Add Enhanced Brand Content

6. Enroll in the Early Reviewer Program

7. Run PPC ads through Amazon’s AMS program

8. Offer coupons

9. Accept Lightening Deals when available

10. Send email autoresponders ad communicate to your shopper

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